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First there was Bid For Greatness, an eBay-style website where the best gamers on the planet could convert their Gold PSN trophies into virtual currency to bid on real props from ‘Greatness Awaits,’ the epic trailer introducing the much anticipated PS4 gaming console. This proved to be so successful that Playstation introduced a secondary phase of the campaign called ‘Greatness Exchange’ to expand the initiative to the rest of their network. For this, HAUS was tasked by BBH to transform the existing ‘Bid For Greatness’ bidding system into a virtual raffle where instead of converting trophies into currency, users convert them into raffle tickets that they can use to bid on items. All it takes is one gold trophy to get a shot at winning hand-crafted props and costumes used in the commercials as well as original concept artwork and special behind-the-scenes experiences.

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