Snap / Lens

A world of possibility realized through the Snapchat playground.

Concept, Animation, Development, 3D, AR, VR

As avid Snapchat fans and users, we were thrilled when Snap selected us as one of a handful of Lens Studio partners to create Sponsored Lenses using Snap’s Lens Studio software. Since 2015, Snapchat Lenses have been giving users entirely new ways to transform their appearance and surroundings with immersive 3D environments and an ever-expanding roster of ways to interact with their smartphone. cameras.

Face lens

Have fun while looking good with face lenses.

Face lenses are a fun, playful way to express yourself. With a single tap, you can transform into your favorite TV character, decorate yourself with animated makeup and accessories, or play an interactive minigame—directly on your phone in real time. These lenses are memorable and exciting, creating a playful moment for Snapchatters to engage with brands.

World lens

Step into a new dimension with world lenses.

World lenses, accessed through the rear-facing camera, use AR to alter your environment. World lenses can tweak the existing reality through the addition of 2D/3D characters and environmental treatments (e.g. paper cranes, floating hearts, color adjustments, falling snow), or fully transport the user into an immersive environment. Triggers such as tapping can prompt an animation or swap an asset, bringing the experience to a new level of interactivity.