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built different.

The 200+ makers are the true heart and soul of Haus.

We are passionate about the inclusive workspace that we have embraced here at HAUS. We thrive on the creativity and diversity of the team of makers we’ve assembled. We believe our inclusivity and commitment to equity allows our employees to feel comfortable showcasing the truest version of themselves while creating the highest quality of work. We’re proud of our diverse, tight-knit team we get to work with every day. There’s no over-the-shoulder micromanaging here—no soul-crushing bureaucracy to dull the edge off our work. We hire world-class talent to break boundaries, then we set them free. Trust, initiative, and the work are all that matter at HAUS.


From making badass digital creative for the world’s biggest brands, to lunch-break sneaker shopping on Melrose, and thirsty Thursdays at the local pubs. We have a family atmosphere because creating together should be fun, or why do it?

Before we pick up our sketch books, our strategists embed with our clients to understand the business, the market, and the WHY behind every project. Our nimble strategy team is critical to designing world-class digital experiences that don’t just connect with customers, they connect the work to real humans.

Market Researcher (Freelance)

Remote position

Haus is currently seeking a freelancer to provide Marketing Research for our global retail client. In this position you will apply your strategic and research skills to current challenges facing our client and develop insights that ultimately impact overall strategy. You must perform extensive data gathering of prospective targets, industries, and markets via primary and secondary source research while analyzing qualitative data to uncover industry, company, and market trends.

You must have quantifiable experience in entertainment, streaming services, video, international best practices, and style guide research. The ability to create video trailers or ads is a must.

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Our multi-faceted design team lives and breathes creativity, culture, and tech. Instead of building presentations, our design teams and art directors don’t just talk about the work—we move quickly, iterating & testing along the way.

Digital UX/UI Designer

Los Angeles

We're looking for a UX/UI designer to join our growing team.

Our ideal candidate has experience 3+ years designing for the web and product and a solid understanding of responsive design and everything that comes with it. This position involves creating intuitive user interfaces that show a refined sense of visual hierarchy with a modern design aesthetic. You will be required to provide UX thinking, design, creative direction, feedback and collaboration with team members in crafting top-of-the-line digital experiences.

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Our full-stack engineering team is where our groundbreaking work really comes to life. Instead of relying on offshore developers a continent away, our tech teams are a desk or quick Slack message away. We incorporate our technologists and developers early in the work, assuring our solutions are as mesmerizing as they are integral to your success.

Senior Web Developer

Los Angeles

HAUS is looking for a Senior Web Developer (React, Next.js, CSS Modules) to lead our growing development needs – both at the client and individual project level. The work at HAUS is dynamic and challenging. You may be asked to orchestrate a highly-interactive web application, or lead the architecture on a large-scale digital transformation. As a Senior Web Developer, you will work closely with our creative and production teams to build the best products possible.

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Our client wranglers, number crunchers, dream-builders (and sometimes dream killers). Our world-class producers and account teams are relationship builders, entrepreneurial leaders, and client confidantes. These teams are fundamental to pushing the work forward, and driving our long-standing client partnerships.

Our incredible operations teams ensure our people, and our business are well taken care of. From facilities management, to accounting and HR teams, these roles are foundational to the continued success of HAUS.