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Design Matters

It's our mantra – something we live and work by. We know that thoughtful design can mean the difference between a campaign headed for greatness and one doomed to the overpopulated plains of mediocrity. We set the bar high in all facets of our work. No pressure!

What We Do

At our heart, we're thinkers and problem solvers. Design is a never-ending challenge that requires keen eyes and a dedicated mind. Our clients come to us when they want to build memorable and fully-integrated online campaigns. They understand that an investment in good design means good business, and that the returns on such an investment are everlasting.

Our services are designed for ad agencies and brands. We do it all, soup to nuts - from strategy and design to content and technology. We bring excitement to the process of choosing products and services, from early concepting to final execution. The end product of our work is mostly digital, but always full of creative smarts and finesse. In short, we really like what we do.

How We Got Here

Our journey started in 2007 and took us from the laid-back beaches of Santa Monica to the expansive views of the Hollywood Hills and eventually to the charming, sparkling-clean alleys of Melrose Ave. Just making sure you're still reading...the alleys are actually filled with graffiti. But we dig that.

HAUS is an eclectic mix of 52 people from across the globe headed by its managing partners who independently own and serve the company full-time. Our studio is part workspace, part gallery. Our art installations are made up of 2 miles of fishing line, 550 lamp shades and some 800 foam cubes... Needless to say we're extremely popular with the "under 5" demographic.


  • VR / 360
  • Front-End / Back-End Dev
  • Mobile Dev
  • Rich Media
  • Creative Conceptualization
  • User Experience / IA
  • Interface Design
  • QA & Localization
  • Branding & Identity
  • Strategy & Research
  • Film Production
  • Film Edit / VFX
  • Motion / Animation
  • Retail / Installations

Notable Bling

Clients We Have Worked With

Work at Haus


We work with the world's most recognizable brands and they look to us (and perhaps to you?) to be first-in-class. We're a significant part of what gives them their competitive edge, so the stakes are high – but so are the rewards. Wax on, wax off. We believe that a creative, collaborative environment helps us all excel.

We're an international melting pot of talented individuals with refined taste and big ambitions (without being total d*cks). We're invested in our clients' success. Here it's not about what you've done, where you came from or who you know – it's about your desire to always be better. Come fly with us!