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Humiliate my friends for Super bowl tickets? Where do I sign up?

UX & UI, Motion, Development, Mobile

What's better than winning? Humiliating and taunting your friends in the process, of course. For this project, HAUS worked with Hyundai to create an online application that gives football fans the ability to challenge their friends to weekly NFL matchups. If you win, you have the sweet satisfaction of seeing your friend's Facebook profile decorated in your team colors. And if you lose, all is not completely lost, because the more you play, the greater your chances are to win Hyundai's sweepstakes for tickets to Super Bowl LI. Hyundai wanted to give football fans a better NFL experience, and what could be better than scoring Super Bowl tickets?

Social Success

Facebook Integration

Awareness for the campaign came from media pushes to Hyundai’s Because Football website where users can participate through the Put Your Profile On The Line application. With access to weekly NFL matchup schedules and by connecting through Facebook, fans can easily challenge their friends, receive notifications and share. Above and beyond paid media, the game earned viral awareness by integrating with Facebook.


Notification Strategy

Keep ‘Em Coming Back for More

We developed an airtight notification strategy using Facebook’s API and an email campaign that notifies users of their wins, losses, and upcoming game schedules. Users can also go to a dashboard to check in on their score and number of sweepstakes entries.