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Embedded design team

Haus x Uber

Deeply embedding with Uber helps us provide insightful solutions with speed and scale.

Client / Agency relationship

Embedded design team

Haus has been honored to work closely as an approved Uber Creative & Development Partner and has enjoyed a long and fruitful engagement in major initiatives within the company, including those for Uber Eats, Uber Brand, Uber Freight and more. Haus has developed an expertise in Uber's brand and design system.

Design system management & extension

Haus manages the maintenance and optimization of Uber's modular website & design language. and This requires an innate familiarity with their brand guidelines and tight, daily collaboration with Uber's design team, who has come to rely on Haus's services and expertise in this area as a critical part of their workflow. On the engineering side, Haus has top-level security clearance to build within Uber's proprietary platform.

Uber Brand Website

Uber asked us to create a site that would present their new identity to the world, showcase all the work being created around the globe, and at the same time serve up guidelines and provide access to assets.

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Uber Freight

We created a highly informative and organized site for Uber Freight, which uses Uber’s amazing algorithms to intelligently organize freight rides and maximize efficiency.

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Uber Presents

Uber Presents is a short film series that explores the dreams, ambitions and journeys of Uber drivers and riders.

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Uber ATG

Uber ATG approached Haus to create an interactive website to display the complex and evolving safety arguments around self-driving technology leveraging a notation system called GSN, or Goal Structured Notation.

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