Helping Uber make the case for autonomous vehicle safety.



The Brief

Uber Autonomous Technology Group approached Haus to create an interactive website. We leveraged dynamic, interactive visualizations to educate users about the complex and evolving safety concerns surrounding self-driving technology.

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Designing a roadmap for the future of safety.

In order to display the safety arguments in a consumable way, the team felt it was important to have a basic grasp of the arguments ourselves. We read up on standard GSN notation practices and combed through several hundred statements that laid out the scope and complexity of the safety arguments. The team took on the challenge to create an easily digestible way of presenting this massive amount of data in a clear and visually interesting way - leveraging Uber's distinct style and typography. The team drew inspiration from metro and subway maps by incorporating thick lines and strong typographic hierarchy. To keep the information well organized and easily discoverable we added helpful tools such as dynamic search, filtering, expand/collapse all buttons, a mini map for easy navigation and the ability to highlight a selected path and trace it from goal to solution. The result was a beautiful, interactive, data-rich website that fostered a more public dialogue around Uber ATG's safety approach for the testing and development of self-driving vehicles.