Delta Airlines

An elevated shopping experience in the clouds

Haus was asked to create a dynamic ecommerce experience as an extension of the IRL pop-up shop located within the JFK terminal, offering Delta customers new opportunities to increase their rewards status.

Pop-up Shop

Window shopping reimagined

Delta wanted to give customers a new way to boost their loyalty status just by doing what they already do— shop. Wieden + Kennedy conjured up something dreamy and approached Haus to not only design and develop a companion ecommerce site, but also create a POS system, travel kiosk, and in-store digital displays.

Ecommerce Experience

A shopping experience that really flies

Haus built Delta's Window Seat Shop to feel premium and luxurious while maintaining a high level of business performance and accessibility. Our approach was to leverage Next.js and Vercel to allow for streamlined site performance with efficient server-side rendering and static site generation.

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