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Development, Mobile, Motion

When David and Goliath entrusted us with the development of the new and improved dng.com, we felt honored and excited. The goal was to present their prolific portfolio of work in a fresh and modern way. To achieve this, we focused on breathing life into all of the UI elements throughout the site by creating fluid transitions, rollovers and copy animation. Backed by a robust content management system, the site is dynamic, but never at the expense of the presentation layer. The site feels unique, never templated.

Dynamic Website

Keeping it fresh!

A website is one of the most important tools for any ad agency. It should reflect their unique brand values, culture and personality. , It also requires fresh content on a regular basis, and needs to be easily updatable. Those 2 goals can sometimes collide in a dynamic site. We focussed on creating a system that could be backed by a CMS that applies across various use cases while maintaining a presentation layer that feels unique and fresh.