Powering the future of grocery.


Live Site

Haus was asked to create an intuitive website to market all that Instacart has to offer—beyond the app.

Live Site

The company behind the app

More than just grocery delivery

Instacart delivers innovative solutions to enhance everyday life for shoppers and retailers—as well as customers. Using their new branding as a catalyst, Haus built a website to share Instacart’s history, leadership & mission. It showcases Instacart’s enterprise-grade technology products in a compelling and informative fashion, and continues to grow with new features and services.

A malleable design system

Designed for new content and concepts

Haus created a modular, flexible design system that’s easily adaptable for future company initiatives, like Instacart Health or Connected Stores. Building the site with a headless CMS allows Instacart to efficiently scale content for the growing number of B2B product offerings, as well as shopper education and incentives—all under one central hub.

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