Secret Deodorant / Microsite

Stay dry while fighting bullies!

UX & IA, UI, Development, Mobile

The best way to fight a bully is to band together as a community - strength in numbers. That is exactly what achieved. We created a massive online community of people all with the same goal in mind, to show bullies who is really in charge. This hubsite offered a variety of useful tools, information and inspired art around the topic of anti-bullying and gave everyone a forum to speak their mind and show support for this very important cause. The site blasted out daily challenges calling supporters to post images and thoughts on social media. We then aggregated these messages into a long, beautiful scroll site that worked on desktop & mobile. When the tally in the upper right corner of the site clicked up to 1,000,000 we knew that we had created something special.

Responsive Grid

A beautiful social media aggregator.

We wanted it all, every single Tweet, Instagram and Facebook post. We scraped multiple hashtags and brought everyone’s message into the hub. The biggest design challenge was creating a system that would pull in dynamic content of different shapes and unexpected sizes and make it look good. On top of that, we had to make it responsive. With smart design and code, mission accomplished.

mobile design

Making it consumable for the social crowd.

The very substance of the hub was content generated from the community, so we knew that the mobile version of the site had to have a similar user experience as the social apps we are so accustomed to using on our phones. The responsive grid was adapted to a single column scroll featuring large images and text.