Pop Research

Pop Research

Pop Research makes testing the market easy with this DIY research platform.


Live Site

In collaboration with Pop Research and Critical Mix, Haus created a robust, fully-automated web platform that provides advertisers with the freedom to conduct market research with ease. This multi-service-level product allows users to test creative, gain insight into their target audience or track the success of their campaigns over time.

Live Site

The Product

A fully automated DIY market research platform for advertisers.

Visual ID & Design

Functional yet playful.

It was a unique challenge to take a service as complex as market research and make it feel approachable and friendly. The Pop Research identity is infused with a bright color palette and uses iconography to help users understand the differences between product offerings.

Research Made Easy

How it works.

Pop Research is an all inclusive, do-it-yourself market research platform. Create an account, learn about and choose available options, submit your needs, checkout and receive beautifully designed dynamic charts of your results. This platform puts the power back in the hands of the advertiser, allowing them to conduct complex research studies with a few simple clicks.

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