Welcome to the new, happier face of fintech.


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Fintech can seem like a sea of software solutions made only for developers. But Finix, a startup with radically simplified financial solutions, wanted to change that by making Fintech more accessible to everyone. To help, Haus went to work evolving Finix’s brand design and reinventing their website to be more uniquely bright, friendly, and easily comprehensible.

Live Site

Product UI

Bringing the product story to life

Finix sought a website that embodied their product story, but initially lacked any interface or product elements. Aligned with Finix's commitment to accessibility and simplicity, our tech and design teams crafted a streamlined product UI. We deconstructed various user journeys into manageable moments, aligning them with specific product functions. The resulting design effectively communicates the platform's benefits, ensuring a compelling narrative without overwhelming users with excessive information.

Tons of content. Too many places.

Branded consolidation

Finix had a wide breadth of high value content and resources that firmly established their thought leadership position. However, much of it was created before they had established a brand design and, as a result, was scattered across multiple environments. Our team evolved and applied a new brand design aesthetic across all existing legacy content: blogs, guides, events, webinars and glossaries. For the finishing touch, we brought everything together under one roof where it could live in harmony to deliver Finix’s expertise with focus and style.

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