Beyond sports recovery

Therabody, the market leader in sports recovery, came to Haus with the goal of growing awareness and market share as a wellness brand, armed with a wide breadth of products and services that would appeal to a broader, more dimensional audience.

Therabody + United Campaign

Making wellness a travel essential

Therabody partnered with United Airlines to position wellness as a travel essential. For this campaign, we identified territories where Therabody could have the most positive impact on air travelers; i.e. device portability (travel-friendliness), stress-reduction, and increased physical stamina. From there, we created a :60 visual narrative that could stand alone without the benefit of voiceover, print and digital assets, as well as soothing animation synchronized to Therabody’s mindful audio to help passengers reduce stress and anxiety while in flight.

Therabody Email Design

Upgrading their inboxes

Beyond that campaign, we created a new email design system to reflect Therabody’s new brand position as a purveyor of wellness for every body. We used a more conversational tone of voice combined with warmer, friendlier colors, softer edges, and an emphasis on relatable yet diverse lifestyles to reflect our audience and create emails that resonate with their needs.

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