Defy the Sun

Banana Boat

Race against the clock to protect sun worshipers from burning.


To promote Banana Boat's release of Triple Defense for Men, JWT gave us the following assignment: Create a game where users race the clock to cover a hairy stomach or a bald head with Banana Boat sunscreen before it burns.

Game Mechanics

Losers burn, winners get a new hot bod & more sun.

In order to truly entertain, we set out to make users feel immersed and engaged on all levels; from the way the lotion spread on bodies to the way the audio intelligently gauged your progress in relation to the time left in each level. To do this, we combined canvas based interaction with humorous sound design driven by HTML5's Web Audio API. At every moment in the game, users get instant gratification through VO feedback and responsive interaction with visuals on the screen.

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