Dragon Age

EA Games

Embark on a quest for the Red Lyrium Reapers.


EA approached Haus with an interesting challenge: transform a traditional game trailer into an engaging experience for a modern, game-savvy audience. Being gamers ourselves, we jumped at the opportunity—and delivered astounding results.

Our Journey

Bringing interactivity to video

To ensure project success, we aimed for an unprecedented user experience—no small feat for our team. Balancing fidelity to the original game's style while delivering a unique web experience posed a challenge. We achieved this by defining a visual style and introducing novel gameplay mechanics. Users, with each interaction, unlocked content, inching closer to the coveted Red Lyrium Reapers: in-game downloadable weapons.

Site Launch

An engaging trailer unlocking in-game weapons

At its peak, our interactive trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition accrued over 100k concurrent users with a lofty completion rate of 78%. Considering the average length of the experience was 5 minutes, this was no small feat. This means 3 out of every 4 users were spending at least 5 minutes engaging with the brand. Who says an ad can’t be entertaining?

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