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Embark on a quest for the Red Lyrium Reapers.

Concept, UX & IA, UI, Development, Motion, Localization

EA approached HAUS with an interesting challenge: How do you take a traditional game trailer and make it engaging for a modern, game-savvy audience? We jumped at the opportunity (being gamers ourselves) and came up with a solution that achieved astounding results. At its peak our interactive trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition accrued over 100k concurrent users with a lofty completion rate of 78%. Considering the average length of the experience was 5 minutes, this was no small feat. This means 3 out of every 4 users were spending at least 5 minutes engaging with the brand. Who says an ad can’t be entertaining?

Site Launch

An engaging trailer to unlock in-game weapons.


Our Journey

Bringing interactivity to video.

For the project to be a success we wanted to do something that users hadn’t seen before. This was a huge challenge and an exciting opportunity for our team. How do you craft an experience that stays true to the style and tone of the original game while still delivering a unique experience that lives on the web? We struck the balance by establishing a defined visual style for the site and introducing new gameplay mechanics. With each interaction users unlocked a new piece of content, getting them one step closer to achieving the fabled Red Lyrium Reapers: in-game downloadable weapons.