Furtec / Website, Film

Get walked on a virtual park.

UI, Development, Film, Post Production, Motion

People with allergies do dumb things. They don’t go outside. They don’t walk their dogs. And worst of all, millions of them don’t take Zyrtec. Together with JWT, we created Furtec to point out how ridiculous that is. In this experience, users get to take their pet for a fake walk in a fake park, with fake trees and a fake sky, without having to set foot outside. Sounds a little absurd, right? That was kind of the point.

Getting our hands dirty

The Furtec app aesthetic looks very handmade, because, well, it is. We did a tabletop shoot with custom props, puppets and miniature set pieces to make it look like a real park, but without all the allergies. We personalized each user’s walk by pulling in their name and Facebook profile picture, and even gave them the option to bring their own pet along by uploading a photo. The final result is an auto-rendered, shareable video of their walk in the park. We had users upload photos of their beloved pets to take them for a virtual walk in an allergy-free environment. A guide tool prompted the user to outline their pet with anchor points to let us know where its key features are. We then clipped and wrapped their image onto a 3D model and animated their pet to sync with one of 5 comical scripts. Their pet was auto-composited with a video backplate in real time, allowing the user to make changes to their video along the way.