A home for natural discovery.


Branding, Website

The Brief

Haus was tasked with creating a brand identity and website for “Genos” — San Diego’s newest biotech lab and workspace.

Bringing the brand to life

A lively web experience built to inspire.

For most potential tenants, the web experience will be the first introduction to the Genos lab and workspace, making it imperative that the site is as inspiring as the physical location. We infused the site with design elements, colors, and movements to echo the naturally inspired design of the building. The resulting site is a hub that allows users to explore the building’s layout, amenities, and key features.

Brand building

A brand inspired by nature.

We wanted to create a robust brand that was more than a logo and color palette. Starting with our organizing brand idea "A home for natural discovery" — we built a whole world and language for the brand around being inspired by natural surroundings. With the buildings purpose of serving the life science and bio-tech industries it seemed natural to pull our inspiration from the local areas plant life and biology. The end result was an expressive brand language that reflects the curiosity and appreciation for nature and shares the values of the buildings future occupants.