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Live Site

With the successful launches of property sites for Grand & Nash and theLab, SteelWave entrusted Haus with the exciting challenge of reimagining and designing the SteelWave brand and website.

Live Site

Different by design

Every building has a story

With a 9.1 million square-foot portfolio and nearly 5 decades of successful real estate operations, SteelWave has become a household name in the industry. With properties ranging in commercial, residential, and mixed-used, Haus designed a site that puts each property in the spotlight while elevating the new SteelWave look, feel, and voice.

A nimble approach

Spaces in the spotlight

Embracing minimalism with a palette of black and off-white, we crafted an editorial aesthetic that mirrors SteelWave's market authority. Employing negative space, intricate text styles, and subtle movement, each page offers easy digestion and highlights large-scale photography. To match the uniqueness of each SteelWave property, we devised a flexible system, ensuring every property page is as special as its showcased content.

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