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A virtual playground to get silly with LG and friends.


Haus collaborated with Energy BBDO to create an interactive web experience for the launch of LG's flagship phone, the LG G5. We developed a virtual playground where users created mashups of the phone and its ‘friendly’ accessories.

Content creation

Live action, animation & games

Creating 45 unique mashups was no small task, and it took a coordinated effort from all Haus departments to deliver. We began with a 3-day live action shoot where we captured everything from dubstepping cats to rollerbots to twerking inflatable dancing guys. During post production our team of designers and animators worked seamlessly to create zany animations and prep files for the interactive team as they began to build and prototype dozens of mini games. Somehow, it all came together.


The slot machine

To house the mashups we decided on a simple, visual UX flow, similar to that of a slot machine where one product and one toy could be matched up in 45 different ways. This visual metaphor provided a frictionless method to explore the content, and was completely responsive. Both the app and the individual content pieces were designed from the beginning to work on a vast array of devices. With 45 pieces of content, multiple browsers and global markets, it goes without saying that QA was in no way trivial!


Playing with code

Perhaps the largest undertaking was the interactive build. Haus tasked its dev team to prototype, code and test 18 mini games using a wide variety of web technologies. Some mashups called for interactive 360º panoramic videos while others were full 3D WebGL-based experiments. Others used HTML5 canvas or physics-based javascript libraries that had to be integrated into the codebase and tested on each browser. The result was an explosion of creative and delightful interactive vignettes that kept users playing on the site for hours.

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