Black Label Bacon


How do you make the edgiest name in bacon even edgier?


Live Site

Hormel's Black Label Bacon leads the charge in bacon innovation. So when it came time to raise the bar again, BBDO tasked Haus with developing a virtual reality e-commerce site for discovering and buying their finest bacon.

Live Site

Mmm... bacon

An industry disruptor

In the first phase of the project we were tasked with presenting Hormel more as a lifestyle fashion brand than a bacon brand (cue the sound of designers high-fiving themselves) with a stylish, editorial website showcasing Hormel’s legacy of “firsts”. To give these case studies the proper prominence we surrounded them with arresting animation, parallax effects and delicious food photography.

The Black Market

Buy real bacon in VR

‘The Black Market’ is an immersive VR shopping experience where you can buy bacon with just your eyes. Users could access the VR experience through desktop, or on any modern smartphone equipped with a Google Cardboard. In the experience, a central hub links four unique flavorscapes— worlds inspired by Black Label Bacon flavors. Users could explore the Salty Sea, Cherry Woods, Jalapeno Volcano, and the Vastness of Variety. At the end of each journey was a shoppable pack of bacon that you could actually buy right through the headset!

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