Launching the world's most cryptic press-kit.


Netflix and legendary film director David Fincher tasked Haus with creating an interactive press-kit to promote the new season of Mindhunter. We created a digital light box where members of the press could uncover clues about the upcoming season.


Uncover the darkest corners of the human psyche

Each journalist was given a special link for their publication to access the 200 press photos. But like every good mystery, there was a twist. With so many photos to sift through, each journalist had to make their selection of just 8 photos within 90 minutes before the link expired. To make the experience even more cryptic, visitors that viewed over 60 photos within the time frame were presented with a special trailer as an easter egg.

the Atmosphere

Setting the mood

To create an even more immersive mood, we played the show's eerie soundtrack in the background as journalists explored the light box. Subtle effects like a flickering light tube inside the light box further added to the physicality of the experience, along with the ability to pick up the slides, shuffle them around, and even collide them off the walls of the box and each other. The end result was a buzz-worthy interactive presskit that got journalists excited and talking about what's to come for Season 2 of Mindhunter.

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