Stranger Things


A Stranger Things Snapchat lens that brings the Upside Down into your world.


We joined forces with teams from Snapchat and Stranger Things to make a Snapchat Lens promoting the second season of the wildly popular Netflix show. Haus provided creative concepts for lenses which were built by the Snapchat team.

Face lens

Take a trip to the Upside Down

The ideation process generated an extensive array of possible Lens concepts, culminating in one of the most exciting Lenses that we’ve seen on the platform. In the final lens, users got a nosebleed à la Eleven and were able to explore the Byers’ living room from the show, tapping on interactive elements and even walking through a portal into the Upside Down.

The World Lens

A first of its kind

This was the first Snapchat lens to utilize the advanced technology allowing users to physically move through an AR world. As a bonus, there was a tie-in with Shazam which prompted Snapchat, when open, to detect when the Stranger Things theme song was playing and automatically launch the AR experience.

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