Stranger Things S4


Turning the press tour upside down.


In lieu of a traditional set tour, Netflix wanted to deliver an innovative experience for the press to get an exclusive look inside Stranger Things Season 4. The Haus team got to work, crafting a journey to the heart of the Stranger Things universe with a Dungeons & Dragons inspired adventure.


Taking the press on a D&D quest

Dungeons & Dragons has been a bedrock in the Stranger Things universe since it began, consistently moving the characters closer together and the story further along. In that same spirit, we wanted to take the press along for a meta journey into the D&D game world. A choose-your-own-adventure experience with more than 100 potential pathways and opportunities to consume exclusive BTS content.

Making a quest

Welcome to the Hellfire Club

Inspired by season 4’s Hellfire Club, Haus created an authentic D&D themed gameboard where members of the press could play classic roles such as Wizard, Mage, Cleric, Bard or Ranger. Each encounter in the game offered different activity choices, with relevant Stranger Things Season 4 content after each move. Haus also created atmospheric elements such as cursor responsive upside-down dust particles and 30+ custom illustrations to heighten the experience.

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