Seize the Awkward

Ad Council

Conversations about mental health can be awkward, but that’s ok.


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Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young adults, and Ad Council realized the need to address this issue in a creative way. “Seize The Awkward” diffuses the fear around these convos with humor, gifs, videos and firsthand experiences from influencers.

Live Site

Talking To Teens

Speaking their language.

It’s not easy to get teens to have a serious conversation, especially when you’re not speaking their language. By seamlessly integrating video content that has a seriously awkward and slightly humorous tone, we create an opportunity to actually be heard by young people. Along with illustrated gifs showing teens what to look out for, and stories from influencers about their first hand experiences with mental illness, this site truly speaks to teens. The site features content our audience actually cares about which hopefully in turn will help them share it with friends they truly care about.

Mobile First

Optimized for speed.

With so many young people living on their phones these days having a fast mobile experience was a must. We worked hard to retain the animation and video integrations that make the desktop site so immersive without having to sacrifice performance. We ended up with a site that looks great if viewed from the computer lab or under your desk in health class.

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