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We helped Demi tell the world it’s ok to be complicated.

UI / UX & IA / Development / Motion / Mobile

We worked with RQ Agency to promote Demi Lovato’s new YouTube documentary “Simply Complicated,” in which the pop star opens up about her complicated rise to fame, revealing struggles with substance abuse and other psychological, physical, and emotional battles. After hitting rock bottom, she put in the work to get clean and reset her life and career. Now five years sober, she lays bare her personal struggles in her new documentary, encouraging others to recognize their own shortcomings and acknowledge that everybody is imperfect.

Make it Personal

What makes you #SimplyComplicated?

Our meme generator poses the question, “What makes you simply complicated?” then prompts users to pick two adjectives that they identify with from a list provided. Users are able to create and share a customized meme within seconds, boldly broadcasting their personal identity while promoting the documentary in the process. Because there were a finite number of possible meme results, we used Javascript to create every possible combination of word choices in an XML format that Illustrator could use to generate each static asset. The use of pre-generated assets prevented the occurrence of duplicates and helped to create a seamless user experience.

Mobile First

Simply Uncomplicated.

One of our most important goals was to make the experience easy and immediate. Since Demi Lovato’s fan base consists mainly of teens who live on their phones, we prioritized making the experience simple, fast, and intuitive on mobile to ensure a low barrier to entry. With just a few taps and zero typing required, Demi fans were able to create and share their personalized meme within seconds.