Status Pro

Status Pro

Going beyond the status quo for an athlete-led startup.


Live Site

StatusPRO approached Haus to design a radical new web presence that immerses investors into its game-changing VR gaming world.

Live Site

Our Approach

Game recognize game.

StatusPRO’s not a normal gaming company. It was built by a couple of athletes with bold aspirations to push gaming and training beyond the status quo. Their VR platform leverages real-time and real-world pro athlete data and insights to redefine the way players, coaches and fans experience their favorite sports. We didn’t want to follow the normal video game playbook and instead let their cutting-edge technology inspire our design aesthetic and our tech approach.

Built By Pros. For Pros.

For the win

To tell StatusPRO’s story, Haus leaned into the athlete story, creating a unique vertical + side scrolling site experience that had to be as usable as it was beautiful. The result is a site that sets up StatusPRO for a next-gen VR win.

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