Garan Inc.

Meet the magic of Garanimals.


Live Site

Since the 70s Garanimals has helped kids learn to get dressed, build confidence and get more smiles and miles out of their clothing. Haus has created a lively interactive home for the brand, complete with a new cast of friendly characters to help children on life’s journeys.

Live Site

A Great Match

Making the magic happen

Haus empowered Garan to communicate with its consumers using modern, digital tools for automated marketing, data capture and market segmentation. Throughout the site, we’ve created interactive moments that showcase Garanimals’ affordable & adorable clothing systems that are meant to mix and match.

Learn & Grow

Little characters teaching big lessons

Haus didn’t just want Garanimals’ new home to be a place to shop, the site itself had to reinforce the brand’s mission: empower, educate and entertain kids. Through both online and offline games and activities, we’ve highlighted how far the brand has come since its early days.

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