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Branding an all new way to fly.

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Brand & Identity, Concept, UX & AI, UI

Surf Air approached HAUS to craft a new brand identity around their revolutionary service– an aggressively priced subscription airline with an all-you-can-fly philosophy. Their convenient, pre-approved boarding process removes the oft-hated airport check-in, allowing subscribers to arrive just 20 min before departure. Our task was to take what customers loved about Surf Air’s unique service and encapsulate it in a new logo, brand language, website, booking tool and livery.

The website

Meet the ‘all-you-can-fly’ concept

Aggressive member acquisition was key to Surf Air’s business health over the next decade. This meant that potential customers and press needed to quickly understand the new subscription-based flight concept from the get-go on the new website. With our approach crystallized, we created an aspiration web experience that clearly explains the ins and outs of the service and seeded a thriving community of Surf Air members that has steadily grown since the launch of the site.

Take a trip

Streamlining the mobile booking process

Given the ability to book, change and delete trips up to 24 hours before departure puts the mobile booking tool at the center of the Surf Air experience. Testing several use cases we found an easy, finger-navigable path that seemed to work the best. Our solution allowed members to go through a booking flow in just a few simple screens with only one decision at a time, leaving plenty of room to interact. These modules were stitched together in a linear flow, meaning that users could simply scroll back to make changes. Booking stats confirmed our suspicions that this was an easy-to-use, comfortable mobile booking tool.