We’re throwing the ultimate cheddar party.


Live Site

Tillamook invented National Cheddar Day to celebrate their birthday and spread the word about better cheddar. This year, the brand’s 113th celebration fell on the day of The Big Game and our client gave us a three-word brief: “edible music video.” So we got to work, and created an interactive party of epic (and tasty) proportions.

Live Site

Big party, bigger flavor

A music video good enough to eat

What does every great party have in common? Cheddar cheese. Our digital experience puts a vibrant, shoppable and edible music video at its center, where interactive hotspots reveal limited edition merch, recipes, and delicious shoppable Tillamook products.

It’s raining cheddar

Melting hearts

A proper birthday bash calls for confetti, so our tech team leveled up our National Cheddar Day experience by creating an algorithm that rained cheddar shreds throughout the experience. We also added depth to our additional party rooms with ambient spatial audio, giving depth and a true house-party feel to the site. Celebration never tasted, looked, or sounded so good.

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