The best way to spread holiday cheer.

Coors Light


The Brief

Deck the halls with lots of Coors! Haus was invited to create a face and marker lens that transports the user to a blustery Coors Light winter wonderland, allowing them to share a DIY holiday card with their friends and loved ones.

'tis the season

Drink & be merry.

Using motion and multiple layering effects, we created a space where the user can immerse themselves in the Coors Light winter wonderland. Once the face lens recognizes the user, the famous Coors light mountains appear along with animated 3D trees, snow particles, a screen frost effect, bokeh lights, wind sound effects and an alternating holiday message. For the marker lens, Coors printed multiple posters and put them up in various locations around the U.S. Users could scan the marker and see the poster come to life with the same face lens effects.