Take back the cream.



The Brief

Baddie Winkle invites you to join the Partnership for Creamier Ice Cream to ensure every scoop is extra creamy.

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It’s called ice cream, not ice air. Duh.

Life’s short. Get extra cream!

The Partnership for Creamier Ice Cream was founded by Tillamook with ice cream expert and style icon, Baddie Winkle, to ensure every scoop of ice cream is made with more cream, less air and better ingredients. As digital AOR for Tillamook, Haus was tasked with bringing the PCIC to life with an engaging digital campaign, complete with messages from Baddie, shareable posters and coupons for free ice cream. Who doesn’t love that?

Good taste worth spreading

Join the Partnership.

Visitors to the site were invited to join the PCIC by downloading printable PSA posters extolling the virtues of ice cream with less air and more cream. You could also share the posters with friends via email, unlocking a coupon for a free gallon of Tillamook ice cream for both you AND them, so win/win in our opinion.