Mega Cheesy Ball


A Snapchat lens that packs a crunch.


The Cheetos Mega Cheesy Ball campaign motivates snack enthusiasts to search for specific shapes in each bag, with a $10k prize for finding a match. Haus created a Snapchat face lens that allowed users to participate within the app.

Mmm... so cheesy

Hit the jackpot

This Snapchat lens placed a Cheetos-themed lotto machine over your head, inviting you to find a matching Cheetos shape. Open your mouth to start the lotto machine whirring! When triggered lotto balls filled with Cheetos swarm around your head as one pops out of the top and rolls down the tray. Match the Cheeto drawn to the winning shape and see Chester Cheetah bills rain down from the sky! The lens contained a dynamic script that updated the winning shape each week, keeping the lens up-to-date with the larger campaign.

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