Ushering in the future of neurovascular care.



The Brief

MicroVention is a rapidly growing medical device company that has pioneered the development of catheter-based, minimally invasive technologies that treat serious brain and vascular diseases. The innovative devices they develop are minuscule instruments that greatly improve the ability 
of doctors to save lives. When MicroVention approached us to create a new website showcasing their innovative products, we were honored to contribute to their real-world lifesaving impact.

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Content Creation

Building a beautiful product library.

One of the challenges involved with the site redesign was figuring out how to present each minuscule device in a polished, professional, and visually stunning way. To make this possible, we created 3D models of each product, allowing us to generate beautiful compositions with a high level of detail. As these product offerings had to vary depending on the user’s location, we localized the product library to present only what was available in each region.

Site Launch

A cutting-edge site for inovative disease solutions.

MicroVention’s needs had outgrown their current site, which had to appeal to both doctors interested in procuring devices as well as patients researching treatments. While underscoring the medical value of their inventions, the new website positioned MicroVention as an innovative, exciting company in an effort to attract prospective employees. A large part of the challenge was organizing vast amounts of information into a coherent structure for hospitals, doctors and patients that needed access to these lifesaving instruments.